Saturday, June 11, 2011

Easter Festivities Part 2

On Easter morning, we witheld the delicious treats until after our 9am church so that we could watch them really enjoy their baskets!!  I always have the best intentions on sunday mornings  I always have their clothes laid out, my clothes laid out, the bag packed but I just don't ever seem to get to church on time.  I was NOT going to be late on Easter Sunday so I got up at 6:30am and jumped in the shower.  As soon as I was out, I made Nick get up even though he never gets to sleep in on Sundays because he's got early meetings.  I told him he needed to be ready so he could help me with the kids - we were NOT going to be late on Easter Sunday.  I get dreassed, my makeup on and my hair dried and then Avery wakes up.  By this time, NIck is out of the shower and getting dressed. I throw Avery in the tub, do a quick scrub, and get her out.  Now she is dressed and playing happily when I hear Brady stirring.  I was giddy with excitement - we were going to be on time, if not early.  I get Brady, throw Brady in the bath, quick scrub and out he comes.  I get him all dressed in his new Easter outfit, throw in a Veggie Tales and run downstairs to grab them each their breakfast items.  Daddy feeds Avery, Brady feeds himself and I start doing my hair.  It is now 8:20am and we need to leave our house by 8:40am to be in the pew and settled before it starts at 9:00am.  Just as I was basking in how efficient things were running, Brady jumps off the bed, heads into the den in our bedroom and says, "Go way Mommy!  Go way!"  This is code for I am pooping now and I need my privacy.  So Nick and I leave him alone, I finish my hair and Nick gathers the last things he needs and we carry one.  It's now 8:30am and he is still not finished!  This kid sure likes to take his time.  I go over quietly and say, "Brady are you ready for Mommy to change your pants - we have to go to church honey!"  "No mom, go way..."  Okay now I am watching the clock and when you account for changing him and then getting them all in their car seats, our time is quickly diminishing.  Finally the boy finishes and tells me to change his poop.  So, I grab a diaper, the wipes, he lays on the bed and then throws a fit when I try to take his shoes off so I can get his pants off.  I am screaming inside because Brady is a pretty chill little kid!  Why must he do this the one day I really, really want to just have things go smoothly.  Nick loads up Avery and gets her in the car as I wrestle my sweet child out of his shoes, pants and dirty diaper.  I do the fastest change ever and throw his outfit back together.  I say we gotta hurry buddy, we don't want to be late.....TOO LATE!!  We were late.....again.  So much for best laid plans!

Anyway, church was great that day.  I even got Avery to nap a bit during sunday school so that I could listen!  As soon as it was over, we got out of there so we could have an Easter moment with our kids and get them down for naps.  We came home and showed them their baskets and it was wonderful.  Avery, who has no idea what is going on, squealed with delight right on  cue.  Brady, who usually gets completely focused on one present and cries if we make him move on to the next thing, looked through his whole basket and thanked us over and over again!  It was such a delightful moment, full of all the Easter magic I was hoping for!!!  I will have to add pictures later because my computer is still out of commision!

We went over to my moms for dinner and it was delicious!  She had gotten treats for the kids and us - she is so good like that!!  Then we had an easter egg hunt inside for Brady because it kept raining on and off.  He loved it!  The day ended so beautifully and I couldn't help but smile - don't having kids make everything more fun!?!?!?

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