Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mother's Day

I am not going to try to recount what happened almost two months ago......I just want to share some thoughts I have been having recently about being a mom.  I remember when Brady was a baby....he was so tiny.....I felt like I had too much arm to hold him the way I wanted to.  As he grew, he just fit.  He fit so perfectly in my arms that it would choke me up sometimes to hold and rock him because it was like he was my perfect little match. 

Then I found out I was pregnant with Avery and before I had even seen her image on an ultrasound, I was mourning the relationship change I knew was coming with Brady and me.  I cried at least once a day about for a long time.  As my belly grew, he still fit perfectly in my arms though.  As he got tall and less chubby, he still fit so perfectly.  It didn't matter how either one of us changed, he was still my little boy and my arms were made to hold him.  When Avery came, she was so tiny and I remember having three blissful days in the hospital with her, just watching her and holding her and thinking how wonderful it was to snuggle this tiny baby and have her mold to my chest as I held her, sung to her, comforted her.  Again the worries flooded my mind about how huge Brady would seem and how hard it would be to hold him and comfort him.  But he came to the hospital and, yes, he seemed bigger but my arms were bigger too, or maybe it was my heart that grew.  As my kids keep growing, I am amazed at how much more I love them each day and that no matter how big they get, they fit perfectly in my arms, their little heads resting on my shoulder. 

But I shouldn't be suprised because at almost 31 years old, I still fit perfectly in my moms arms too!


Kayla said...

What a lovely post!

Matt & April Herman said...

Literaly, tearing up over here. Love you! You always describ things just right. I love that we are is the best:)

Caralee said...

That is beautiful Amanda! Thanks for sharing those thoughts.