Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby #3 Update

While I collect all the pics that I need for all the holiday posts and stuff, I will update the status of baby #3.  Things are going.......okay.  This pregnancy has been my hardest by far, could be chasing the two kiddos two and under around but I have had several issues that have been a little annoying.  More of a nuisance than worrisome, but they just keep interrupting my daily schedule with Brady & Avery.  I have 8 weeks left with a scheduled C-Section on April 5 at 2pm.  Can't believe it's almost here....happy and nervous.  You know, the normal emotions we all feel when something huge is about to happen in our lives!  We have decided to name him Wesley Douglas and now just want to see his cute face.
Brady has a clear understanding that there is a baby coming.  He is constantly lifting my shirt and wants to "see" Wesley.  This happens at very inappropriate time which has become a little bit of a struggle.  I don't want to squelch his enthusiasm but it's getting a little embarrassing.  He also thinks he has a baby in his belly and constantly lifts his own shirt to show people his baby.  It's been pretty fun!!  Avery has no idea and boy, is she in for a surprise.  In a lot of ways, she is far ahead of where Brady was at this age but she is a handful in other ways.  She is so attached to me and she can't understand that I can't hold her all day!!!  I am bigger with this baby than with all my others so it has made normal tasks close to impossible these days.  Luckily, my mom is so close to us and has helped out a ton.  The newest, and most annoying thing that is going on with this pregnancy is the PAPS.  It is related to the PUPPS rash that people get with pregnancy.  It's basically the same, itchy rash, but instead of welt-like, itchy patches, I have bug bite-like itchy dots ALL OVER MY BODY.  The only cure is delivery so it's been a very long two weeks and I have eight left.  Brady is very worried about all of mommy's booboo's and asks me about them constantly. 
Have I complained enough??  We are actually very excited about Baby Wesley.  It's just another big change and the anticipation is killing us!!  I am going to post these cute pics of our boy at about 18 weeks.  I think they are cute but if you don't, than just don't comment!!


Bloom Family said...

So somehow I missed that blog update back in October that you are expecting! Congrats! And, I do think those ultrasound pictures are cute! :) I always love looking at the ultrasounds and imagining what the baby is going to look like in real life. Oh, and Wesley is a beautiful name!

Parkinson Family said...

I love the name Wesley! i actually want to name our little guy that too, after Jared's boss, but Jared isn't all that interested. Sorry about the body rash - no fun! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!