Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

Pathetic I know!! I honestly don't remember very many details from this time because it was so long ago.  But I will try to recap what I can remember for posterity's sake!  Thanksgiving was the big family holiday this year.  Everyone came back to MD for Thanksgiving and, as always, it was delightful to be with all of them.  I am so grateful for my family.  This is the first time they have all been home that I actually cried when they left.  It really hit me this year that my kids love these people and they aren't around very much.  It made me understand much more fully why Tom is such a psycho about us moving out west.  He has already experienced these emotions because his kids are older.  For me, this was the first year that Brady actually remember who his uncles, aunts and cousins were and he just had such a blast with all of them!!!  I do remember lots of good food, lots and lots of pregnancy/baby talk, and meeting Baby Dez for the first time.  He is the newest edition to the Lewis family and he was so sweet. 

The annual Turkey Bowl where all of our husbands get to feel like kids again.  This is a pic of Nick right before he scored a touchdown!!

 Josh and his guitar - oh how I wish I could play!

 Keira - she was trying on some of her new dresses for us!!

 Pregnant Brittany & Adam (hence all the pregnancy talk - we are five weeks apart!)

 Brady was completey enamored with Tommy.  He talked about him for, literally, weeks after they left!!

 Apparently we went bowling - don't remember doing this at all!!  I am sure Brady had a blast - look at that face!

 Avery and Aunt Krista - she's gotta be one of the best aunts around!!

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