Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Three months old

Wesley is now three months old. I can't believe how fast it is going.  It go through waves of sadness but am quickly brought back to reality as I watch my three kids, three and under, running around like crazy monkey's.  It's like a mutiny most days as I try to keep this ship afloat.  But Wesley is a wonderful break from the crazy that is Brady and Avery right now.  He is sweet and kind.  He loves me so much and as soon as I speak his name, his entire face lights up and I get one of those priceless drooly, gummy grins.  I am trying to cherish every second of this baby as he is my last.  I am trying to hold him and memorize his sweet face!  I love being with him even if it is but a few moments here and there.  Brady and Avery require so much of my attention so I feel like Wesley often takes a back seat.  At his two month appointment his stats were:
Height: 23 inches
Weight: 12lbs 8oz.
I forget his head circumference but I do remember Jamie, our favorite nurse, saying, "That's quite a head!"  All of my children are off the charts in the head department, looking similar to bobblehead dolls until they are about three!  He is a big, chunky ball of love and I just love him!!  Here are some things I don't want to forget about this little guy:
  • he wears a size 1-2 diaper (Costco brand)
  • his favorite song is "Hello" from the Primary Children's Songbook
  • He follows things with his eyes now.  
  • His favorite toy as far as I can tell is this weird butterfly thing attached to a circle.  He stares at it a lot!
  • When I am rocking him to sleep, he tries to stick his head as far into the crook of my arm as possible.  He likes to be in the darkness and he likes to be warm!
  • He sleeps goes to bed between 6:30-7pm and wakes up at midnight to eat.  Yes, that's a nice stretch but after that he is up about every two hours. Yes, I am exhausted!!  I think it's sleep training time!
  • He really loves music.  I was really nervous to start up teaching piano again but he sits in his little chair and usually stays happy and awake the whole time!
We are so glad that Wesley has come to our family.  Everyone always asks how Brady and Avery are doing with the whole situation.  They are doing as well as I could expect for a three year old and a one year old.  Brady loves to kiss Wesley and hold him.  He also helps retrieve diapers and throw dirty diapers away.  But he definitely has his moments.  He can certainly take advantage of time that I am nursing.  He tends to use that time to color on the walls or throw things at his sister.  It's a balancing act as most things in life are.

Avery is doing great now but went through a two week period of pure hatred towards me.  She was angry all the time and her favorite phrases were "don't touch me", "go way" and "top it".  But now she loves to come in my bed when she wakes up and snuggle with Wesley and me.  She hugs him and brings him her toys, which I have to really stay on top of or he could die of suffocation!!

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Parkinson Family said...

He is so precious!!! I'm glad you finally got the meds Wesley needed - silly doctor! Happy babies are definitely easier to love. I find myself getting frustrated when Chase won't sleep, but then guilty that I was getting mad once he is actually asleep so sweetly. Good luck with all three Amanda - ur an amazing loving mama.