Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing Catchup.....story of my life

Having three kids in three years has been wonderfully exhausting so I feel as if I am always playing catchup.  But as this is my only family record, I must go back and chronicle what this weary brain can remember.  I really have nothing to complain life is wonderful.  My kids are beautiful, healthy reminders to me that there is a God and that he is ever mindful of me.  It is a busy, rambunctious, chaotic, beautiful, happy life and I am more grateful for it everyday.  So, having said that, here is what we have been up to!
It was a really hot summer but we managed to get out and explore when time permitted.  After Wesley was born, I was able to work out a new piano schedule that allowed me to fit all 16 students into three busy days instead of spread out over five.  This has allowed me two full weekdays off to hang with my kids all day which is AWESOME!!! My parents have a pool so we swam a lot.  Brady learned how to swim totally on his own this summer which is so great.  I am so proud of him.  He kicks his legs as fast as they can go and he can now jump off the diving board and swim to the other end of the pool without any floaties so he is a total stud!!  Wesley took his first swim which was equally as awesome!!  I loved seeing him in all his summer accessories. On one of Nick's days off, we also found a really sweet splash pad and spent a good part of the day there.  The kids totally loved it!  It was nice to be out and about as a family!


My sweet chubby boy...Wesley in all his swimming gear!

Awesome splash pad we found - Brady LOVED it!  A definite must for next year!

Nick pretty much did most of the corralling of the the older two because I was busy doing this....

....sitting with our sleeping newborn!  Good to be out in the sun though!

The men in my life!

Wesley & Mama

I have to add these pictures of Avery as we will use this story for years to come!  On Saturdays, I sleep in and Nick gets up with the kids.  Well, I get woken up by a frantic Nick and all I could make out was something about " deal with her.."  That didn't sound good.  Apparently, while Nick was attending to the other two children, Avery found the Vaseline in the diaper cabinet and completely covered herself with it!  I wish these pictures showed what a huge mess it really was.  Avery has long, beautiful curly hair and she had completely covered her curls with Vaseline.  It was all over her legs, her face, her arms and her clothes.  WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! 

Anyway, this was our July!  Pretty fun, pretty crazy, pretty much better than the life I dreamed for myself!

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