Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quick Recap

November 2012

This past Thanksgiving was the holiday that we are supposed to spend with our in-law families but since Nick's parents are still in Bosnia, we spent it with my parents.  It was quiet and relaxing - my kind of holiday!!!  My mom always prepares delicious food.  I helped this year with some salads and the rolls.  The highlight for the kids was that they got to break the wishbone this year.  This was my favorite thing to do as a kid.  Each year the kids that got to do it rotated so we only got a chance every other year to have our chance at the wishbone.  Well, little Avery one this year!  She was so excited!  Here's the before pic!


Just some other pics from Thanksgiving Day!  My rolls turned out beautiful.....I know, it is shocking!  We had a nice day.

Other things that happened in November were that Wesley turned 7 months old.  I love this stage of babydom.  I love when they are more mobile and more interactive.  He was still not sleeping through the night at this point but he was a lot of fun and always very pleasant.

These two pictures of Wesley are some of my favorite of him.  The top one just perfectly illustrates his personality and demeanor.  He is always happy, happy, happy!!  I love the bottom one because they show his gorgeous eyes!  He is such a handsome little devil!!

 Also in November we took a family drive down Skyline drive.  It is absolutely breathtaking!  We went a little late in the season so the colors weren't nearly as beautiful as they are at their peak, but still beautiful nonetheless.

 sun setting over the valley - Skyline Drive

We stopped at this yummy burger place right outside of where you enter skyline drive.  Brady gave his thumbs up!  And I just like this one of Nick and Brady!  This is the month Nick also got released from his calling as Young Men's president in our ward.  He served for three years and loved every single minute of it!  It was a bittersweet time for him!  They didn't let him rest long....he was called as the Elder's Quorum secretary and the head of the Scout Committee.

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