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December 2012

(whenever you have to break things into parts, it's never a good sign)
December is my favorite month of all!  I love everything about it - cold, sweaters, soups/stews, Christmas music, happy shoppers, the magical feeling in every store and home, etc.  Every other Christmas, my whole family comes together at my parents to spend a week of celebrating together.  This was the year and I was so happy!!  Aside from awaiting their arrival from all over, we try to instill our own family traditions.  One of my favorite traditions is picking the tree.  Now, before we had kids, Nick and I would drive down the road and the first tree selling station we came to we would stop and buy an already cut tree and be done.  Ever since Brady was born, we decided we needed to step it up a bit.  My parents always got a live tree and it was always a fun day of picking it out and decorating it that night.  I want our kids to have these same wonderful memories.  So off we went to Gaver Tree Farm.  We LOVE this farm all seasons of the year but especially for picking our trees.  They have the cut your own kind and pre-cut kinds.  They also have beautiful wreaths, table arrangements, and yummy cider and donuts.  It's kind of wonderful place, everyone  is so kind and helpful and our kids already have such good memories there.  The day we got our tree was also the day of my students piano recital so it was a bit hectic.  It was already December 7 and our tree was not up and I was kind of freaking out about it.  Nick had off that day so after my morning students left, we headed out to Gaver. 

I had the perfect tree in my minds eye - it would be tall and round, with perfectly spaced branches.  It would smell like Christmas and the needles would never fall off. Well that tree doesn't exist so we went for second best.  We settled on a Douglas Fir that was full and round.  It did smell nice but it was a short.  We walked around for a long time.  I couldn't find one that had the other elements I wanted so I settled for a fuller, but shorter tree.

 It was quite comical walking around.  I was pushing Wesley in the stroller.  Nick was pulling Brady and Avery in a wagon and with his other hand, pulling the tree cart.

 He's very manly, so it's okay! 

  We paid for our tree and rushed home so we could all get ready for the piano recital!  I LOVE teaching piano.  In a lot of ways, it has made me such a better mother.  Everyone thinks I am crazy for doing it with three little kids but somehow it works out and I really believe it's because I am supposed to do it!  It helps me make extra money for our family but it also provides an outlet for me.  I had three kids in three years.....enough said.  Also, it makes me play and finding time to do anything for yourself with so many young kids is hard so I am so grateful that I have been able to keep it up!  I digress....
So every year I hold a recital for my students, I had 15 at the time of the recital.  I love having the recitals because it really allows the students to shine and it makes them feel so accomplished! I remember all my rectals...it is such an important part of the process, I think.  So the recital was awesome, everyone did a great job.  We always have a reception afterwards with yummy food.  This year Renae (one of the moms) made the cake and it was beyond fabulous!  It looked like a million bucks and was delicious! 

 After the recital we always take the rest of the year off and start back fresh in January so I knew a nice long break was coming so I could hang out with these people:

Another thing I LOVE is my family.  Not just the family I have created with Nick, but the family I  came from!  They are all amazing, extraordinary people that I would be lucky to know if we weren't related!  I miss them so much all year and seeing them is such a sweet reunion!  And every other year we get them all at Christmas which is beyond magical!  They all started arriving on the 17th  so I had some time to get our Christmas stuff done.  By the time my family got here, I had all my presents bought and wrapped and was feeling so ready for Christmas!!!  On the 20th we had Brady's preschool "Holiday Party" so we took all the family that was in town.  I am sure his teacher thought I was insane but Brady was so happy to have some of his cousins, Uncle Adam and Aunt Brittany here that we just had to bring them along!!
Here are the kiddo's in there Christmas casual look for the party!  For some reason, I love this picture so much!  It's been my screensaver for months!  Somehow, I missed talking about Brady starting preschool in September - oh wait, it's because I stopped blogging!!  In my heart I never stopped......it's a daily stress actually, "Gotta blog today, gotta catch up that blog!"  Anyway, Brady started preschool at our local high school's program and he absolutely loved it!(it is currently June....YIKES!)  The teacher there is wonderful and basically follows the Maryland Teach program which is what is used in the other preschools for a fraction of the cost!!  He went Tuesday-Friday from 9:15am to 10:45am.  There were only seven kids and Brady was the only boy so he got a lot of attention and he absolutely loved all his "girlfriends"!  Here is a snapshot of his class singing the Hello song.

 Here is Brady with his special friend, Miss Jordan.  He is upset because if he can't do something perfectly he basically falls apart.  We're working on it!

 Wesley & Chase - Adam's firstborn - they are only about 8 weeks apart!

 Keira, Me, and Avery building gingerbread houses.

Uncle Adam with the babies!  Brady has been obsessed with Adam for as long as I can remember so it was a real treat to have him there with us!!!

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