Sunday, June 30, 2013

February (still catching up....)

February was a tough month in our house.  We were passing around a pretty yucky bug.  Brady got it first and then the passing around began.  Somehow I got it twice so I was sick most of February......not fun!  But Avery got it the worst.  She has been so healthy, generally, but when she gets sick she really gets hit hard.  This bug pretty much knocked her out.  So.....I had a grumpy girl for almost two weeks.
sick little sweetie pie
It was frustrating for me because I love holidays - all of them.  I see each one as a chance shake up the humdrum of the daily routine and just doing something fun.  I especially love Valentine's Day because I feel so loved in my own life and love my kids and husband so much!  It's fun to create special things for them.  Anyway, this year I decided to do a Cupid's Countdown to Valentines Day.  I have had this cute Valentine's Day box for years and would always display it but this year I thought I would hide little presents in it each night and have the kids find them in the morning.  They would be from Cupid.  To pull the whole thing together, I wrote this poem and left it out on our kitchen table for them to wake up to on February 1st with their first treats.
The poem reads:
Each new day when you awake
Open the box with the heart.
Lots of surprises as we count down,
To the day of love...but here's the best part!

You don't need a day to celebrate love,
Because you are loved every single one.
But Mom and Dad asked me to help
Show you loving each other is fun!

Valentine's Day is coming fast
So make sure to be kind and sweet.
Because if you are kind every day,
There will be fourteen days of special treats!!

 the setup


the play by play of day one

I didn't want to think that Cupid was the only source of fun and love so Nick and I also wrote one thing we loved about our kids everyday on a heart and left it on their door for them to wake up to.  It was really fun....even amongst the sicknesses.  I did our door for Nick and he surprised me with some as well on my mirror!  It was awesome to do and the kids would run to their doors every morning and ask me what the new heart said!  It's a new tradition that we will definitely continue. 

We made these for all the grandparents.  There is nothing more fun to my kids than crafts.  They love glue, paint, crayons and mess!  So this was a quick and fun little token of our love for the grandparents.

 Sunday before Valentines Day

Other than Valentines Day festivities, we didn't do much. I pretty much held my kids until they were better!  Here are a few shots from the rest of our month.
 cutest baby in the world (don't you hate when mom's write that..)


sickies watching tv

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